9:21 PM

It seems like when you think things are going ok something comes along and knocks you back. His name is Satan. I really hate to give him any credit for anything but he is the devil that keeps popping up. We went to the boys ballgame tonight. Tom and I decided to go out to eat. Before we even got out food Heather called and said a man hit her car while it was sitting in the lot where she was working. We met her and Tom checked it out and she can drive it but the entire back bumper is hanging off. This is the forth time her car has been hit and praise God she has not been in it at all. It has been parked every time. The first time her daddy hit it with a wheelbarrow. The second time they were cutting down and tree at her work place and they let it fall on her car. The third time her mama ran into to it while it was sitting in our driveway. OH MY!!!Now she was parked at work again and a man in a truck and trailer creamed the entire back. I had rather it have been me. All I can say is PRAISE GOD THAT SHE WAS NEVER IN THE CAR AND THEREFORE NOT EVER HURT EXCEPT HER FEELINGS.
8:36 PM

It has been several years since I have worked on this blog but for some reason it seems the thing to do now.
7:32 PM


I do not know why I try to keep up with blogging. I just do not do a good job of keeping up with it. I love to read them and I do not mind the writing but I forget to check it everyday. Is it just me or do others have this problem?
3:24 PM

Lazy Day

Yesterday I did too much moving furniture in the house and wore myself out. I have so much I wanted to get done while I am off this week but my plans never come out right. I am so lazy till I let things go and then I get a yearning and have no sense when it comes to going slow. Now my bedroom is half done. The living room was done but now needs another dusting and sweeping. The dinning room is in shambles because I chunked everything in there I was not sure what to do with. I looked at all of it this morning and said the heck with it. I hope that there will be another day and I can finish it then. That is how it became a lazy day. I have done nothing all day and do not intend to.
Does anyone else seem to have this problem or am I the only one?
10:22 PM

A New Year Coming

I have been terrible about keeping up with my blog...I say I am going to do better with it and the next thing I know it has been months since I wrote anything.
With the new year coming I am not making any resolutions that I will not keep anyway but there are things I want to do more of...I want to be more involved with family, friends, church and most of all grow closer to Christ. I think that is one of my biggest failures this year is not serving and walking as close to him as I should. I am so glad he is long suffering or he would not put up with me. I love him and I want to walk closer and live closer to him. A thought came into my mind as I was sitting in church this evening....ALL FOR HIM IN TWO THOUSAND TEN. That is what I need to do.
I am so thankful for all he has done for me...tomorrow will be three years since Tom had his heart attack and I praise God everyday that he left him with me. I thank him for my children and grand children, my daughter and her family being back in their house after the fire, my friends, my church, my job, my friend/teacher that God gave me to work with, the kids we teach, and just the air that I breathe. I have to stop naming them or I would never finish.
I want to take time to do something for Tom and myself. I do not give him enough of my time. He is my world and I do not show him the attention that I should. I should know to never take him for granted after nearly losing him several times three years ago. I must never forget that.
As my friend was talking about on her blog I need to look at my miracles that are around me everyday and stop looking for things that might never come. I hope for her that her miracle happens but I know she is strong enough to praise God for what she has and make the best of life. She does this through Christ...
I pray that all of my family and friends have a blessed year and that God will bless them richly in his will. He knows our needs but he likes to hear from us as we ask. Praise him everyday and love him more and more. I love all of you.
6:32 PM

Oh me!!!!

I just wrote an entire post and it is now somewhere out is space as I did something wrong....
I said I was going to be better about keeping my blog updated but boy was I wrong. I love blogging but I just forget it at times.
We went last weekend to my sister's again and had a good time. We went to her grand daughters horse show and she did really well. I love horses so I loved watching them. Her little brother Gus had a bag of snacks and he pulled them out and said "My favorite meal of the day." He is so funny. I enjoyed the good food and even more the company.
School is going ok. A class of all boys. This is a different year with no girls with us. It is interesting because the boys do not hold back anything because they have no girls to try to impress. I love everyone of them but I can not tell a lie it is a tad stressful somedays. I raised all girls and they were different.
I am so glad that my daughters house is coming along pretty well. I know that they are thankful for the BOX but I know that it is getting smaller all the time to them. The girls say it was exciting to see the walls of their bedrooms as they went up. They will be excited when the sheet rock goes up and then is ready to paint. I thank God that he is so good.
Tom seems to be feeling pretty good. He is having some headaches and that worries me but we will take it one day at a time.
Jennifer and all of us was so proud of all four of her kids in school had great grades. I thank God that he blessed us with seven wonderful grands and they all do well in school. Tamara's girls grades were great too. They are healthy and that is so much to be thankful for. Reagan is so cute and so rotten. With four older brothers and sisters he could be no other way. I need to see if I have any new pic's to show off.
There is so many people sick, some everyday things and some so serious. We need to ban together and pray for each other during these hard times. We need to pray for our country and the men and women who are fighting to keep us free. They are a wonderful group and I am proud to be an American.
God bless all my blog friends.
9:49 PM

Time Flies

I can not beleive it has been so long since I have updated my blog. I need to be better about it. I guess it is true when they say "times flies when you are having fun".LOL
It seems like yesterday that school was starting and it is nearly time for first report cards to go home. Parent conferences will be starting next week and again it seems like we were just planning our first day with the students.
This year we have all boys...That has been different but not bad at all. They can keep us on our toes. Do not let anyone tell you that boys do not argue like girls it is just in a different way. My mom always told me that raising boys was easier than girls because boys would go on about their business and girls want to stay right with you. I do not know because I had only girls.
I am going to try to do better about keeping up with this. Not because I think that anyone is dying to read it, just because it is good to just write your feelings sometimes.
5:40 PM

Needed To Get Away

I think Tom and I both needed to get away for a few days. We just about waited too late and let school starting slip up on us. On Monday I told him that I had to work Wednesday at school but I would be free until the next Wednesday if he could not work. We really did not need to spend the money but I wanted to see my sister and as I said we both needed a few days away.
We went to Charleston today and had a good time just doing simple things. We rode around and looked at the houses,spent some time on the Battery, went to Antique shops and junk stores. Spent a whole six dollars so you can tell we are big spenders. One of the Antique shops had a desk I would have loved to have but they only wanted six thousand for it,and that was AS IS. The set of eight chairs was only eight thousand and five hundred dollars. We passed them up too. Even if I can not afford them I love to look.
We were going to go to the beach but we wasn't dressed for it so we did not go. If I go to the beach I want to be ready to soak up the sun.
I am so glad that God allows us to take some time from our everyday life and travel and see family and friends that we do not get to see often.
I am trying to prepare my mind to be ready for work when we get back. This has been good for me so I think I will be ready to go full, well maybe half, speed.
4:11 PM

Something I Learned this Week

We are having Vacation Bible School this week at our church. I have always loved to help and I love the nursery. For the past several years I have not been able to help but once because of surgeries I have had for several summers in a row. This year year I had planned to help but not teach. I ended up doing the nursery with the preacher's mom.
We had eight the first night, six the next, and seven last night. I found out that I am too old to be working with the little ones only because of picking them up and carrying them. I have enjoyed being with them. They are so sweet and loving.
I tried to teach because that is what I thought a preacher's mom would expect. Tuesday night she offered to teach the next night and I gave her the next two nights. She did not teach either. She played some music and tried to read a book but they were not interested in anything but playing. I have come to the conclusion that they are too little to teach but they can be touched by our love and care of them. We are setting the way for them to be ready to learn when they are older and can learn and understand. I pray that each of them feel the love that Shirley and I have shown them and mostly the love Jesus shows them everyday. They are God's special ones that he will use in the future to show the world about Jesus. I pray that in some small way they know in thier little hearts that God had some adults at VBS that loved them and cared for them and will pray that they grow up to love him and make him the center of their world.
Next year maybe God will allow me to help with the crafts or the kitchen. HA
9:58 PM

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