9:21 PM

It seems like when you think things are going ok something comes along and knocks you back. His name is Satan. I really hate to give him any credit for anything but he is the devil that keeps popping up. We went to the boys ballgame tonight. Tom and I decided to go out to eat. Before we even got out food Heather called and said a man hit her car while it was sitting in the lot where she was working. We met her and Tom checked it out and she can drive it but the entire back bumper is hanging off. This is the forth time her car has been hit and praise God she has not been in it at all. It has been parked every time. The first time her daddy hit it with a wheelbarrow. The second time they were cutting down and tree at her work place and they let it fall on her car. The third time her mama ran into to it while it was sitting in our driveway. OH MY!!!Now she was parked at work again and a man in a truck and trailer creamed the entire back. I had rather it have been me. All I can say is PRAISE GOD THAT SHE WAS NEVER IN THE CAR AND THEREFORE NOT EVER HURT EXCEPT HER FEELINGS.